Peri Peri Cuisine

Peri Peri cuisine is distinguished not just by its signature dish, Peri Peri chicken, but also by its range of sauces that cater to a wide spectrum of taste preferences, from the mildest to the hottest. The term "Peri Peri" (alternatively "Piri Piri" or "Pili Pili") refers to a type of chili pepper used in these sauces, originating from Portuguese-African culinary traditions, especially in Mozambique and Angola.

The central ingredient in these sauces is the Peri Peri chili, also known as the African bird's eye chili. The sauces are typically a blend of this chili with ingredients like garlic, lemon, oil, and various herbs. This mixture imparts a unique flavor that's fiery and tangy..

What makes Peri Peri cuisine particularly appealing is its versatility. Restaurants and cooks often offer a range of Peri Peri sauces, allowing diners to choose their preferred level of heat. These options can range from mild, offering a gentle warmth and flavor, to extremely hot versions that challenge even the most seasoned spice enthusiasts..

In addition to chicken, which is marinated and grilled in these sauces, Peri Peri flavors are used in other meats and seafood. The cuisine is complemented by side dishes such as rice, beans, and vegetables, often seasoned with similar spicy profiles. This adaptability in spice levels makes Peri Peri cuisine widely accessible and popular, allowing individuals to tailor their dining experience to their own taste preferences..

The Bird’s Eye chili, the star ingredient of our signature blends, is imported into the US from West Africa and blended locally with other secret ingredients to give our food a burst of fresh and irresistible twist like you’ve never tasted before! We bring you the same Peri Peri that went from Africa to Portugal and spread to the entire world from the Portuguese city of Porto across the Atlantic Ocean to entice the American taste buds. We took the same Peri Peri and added a new dimension to it with our secret blends that takes the taste of our food to a whole new level!