The Port® Chicken: A Commitment to Quality and Health


At The Port of Peri Peri®, we're more than just a food brand; we're advocates for a lifestyle that cherishes family values and the sanctity of all life. These principles guide our entire approach to poultry farming and food production.

Ensuring Health and Happiness

How do we achieve this balance? It starts with our belief in the nutritional richness of chicken as an essential part of a healthy diet. Our goal is to provide nourishing, flavorful chicken while prioritizing the wellbeing of both our birds and our customers.

Our Ethical Farming Practices

Our chickens are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, ensuring natural growth and development.

Free-Range Living

We believe in stress-free environments for our chickens. They roam freely, bask in the sunlight, and feed on grass, living a serene life of up to seven weeks.

Nutritionally Balanced Diet

Our chickens enjoy a diet that's not just filling but also rich in essential nutrients, providing them with everything they need for a healthy life.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Every day, our chickens experience the outdoors, getting their daily dose of fresh air and sunlight. Halal Process and Nutritional Superiority.

Halal Excellence

Our chickens are hand-slaughtered individually following the strict standards of the HFSAA, within USDA-approved facilities. This process not only aligns with ethical practices but also enhances the quality of our chicken. Vitamin-Rich Poultry: The result is chicken that's not just tender and flavorful but also a richer source of vitamins and minerals.

Freshness Guaranteed

To maintain peak freshness, our chicken is vacuum-sealed in pillow-packs immediately after processing. Signature Marinade for Unmatched Flavor.

The Port Marinade

The unique taste of our chicken comes from The Port's Proprietary Soluble Marinade. This special blend, when combined with our tender chicken, creates an irresistibly succulent flavor.

Marination Process: Our chicken is carefully needle-injected with this marinade, then tumbled to ensure every part is evenly seasoned. The vacuum sealing in pillow packs further locks in the freshness and flavor. The Cycle of Happiness.

We take pride in our cycle of happiness

Contented farmers, stress-free chickens, and satisfied customers. This harmony is the cornerstone of The Port of Peri Peri®, where health, taste, and ethical practices come together to offer an unparalleled dining experience.

The Best Taste

Needle Injected With THE PORT Marinade And Then Tumbled. Vacuum Sealed For Freshness In Pillow Pack